How to raise and strengthen potency - the best exercises for sexologists

The topic of the article scares even the most persistent and confident men. Sooner or later, everyone asks the search engine a question about how to increase potency. It's good that Google is on your side: everything that is opened in anonymous remains in anonymous.

We will try to give a comprehensive answer. Here are various ways that will (in theory) help improve sexual potential; Let's look at their pros and cons. The purpose of the article is to tell in detail what potency is in men, how it is regulated and in what ways it can be influenced.

a muscular man has good potency

How to raise and strengthen potency - the best exercises of a professional sexologist

You are well aware of the feelings during an erection. But do you know what chain of actions and reactions take place in the body? Let's figure it out.

Funny, but the penis tightens when each individual cell, on the contrary, relaxes.

In the normal state, the veins constantly resist the flow of blood, not allowing it to enter above the established norm. When the brain detects a potential sexual partner on the horizon, it gives command to the corpora cavernosa. They stop the resistance and the blood fills the penis, making it hard.

At the time of erection, 50-100 grams of "extra" blood enters the penis. Blood supply scientists have calculated that the intensity increases by about 25 times.

If there is no erection, something is wrong. The problem may be the following:

  • the signal from the brain does not reach its destination;
  • cavernous bodies react incorrectly to the signal or ignore it;
  • there is not enough blood to bring the penis into a "working" position;
  • the brain does not send erection commands because it has found more serious arguments in the biography. Like that case in the countryside, when. . . Generally, if internal psychological blockages bother you.

Another factor that is important are enzymes and neurotransmitters that transmit signals. For example, nitric oxide. Yes, the one that activates the afterburner mode.

problems with male potency

What is it

From a medical point of view, potency is the body's ability to complete sexual intercourse. It is often identified with an erection. No wonder, because one cannot exist without the other. It turned out to be a bad erection = low level of potency.

You can look at the problem even deeper.

The name comes from the Latin word "Potentia", which translates as "power" or "opportunity". Explanatory dictionaries provide interesting information. They explain the meaning as "the size of the energy reserve", "the degree of power in relation to something" and "the totality of abilities and means necessary for something".

The conclusions are as follows: sex for a man is not just a fad or an option that can be turned on or off. It is a necessary part of your nature. If you deprive a man of the possibility of sex, he will lose the reserves of energy and power. They will also lose the opportunities and resources needed to fulfill their natural purpose - to win the most beautiful, healthy, promising "female" and leave offspring.

Which affects male power

A man is able to have sex not only because he has a special thing for it. Every erection and the outcome of any sexual contact is the result of complex calculations made by the brain.

You don’t notice, but facts and information are constantly being compared in gray matter. The following parameters are evaluated:

  • health condition;
  • general conditions in which the body is;
  • mood and emotions;
  • sensations from the subconscious level - self-esteem, beliefs, opinions.

All these factors are summed up and here are the results - success or failure. Pretty simple.

But he will not be able to just take and eat the magic pill to solve the problem and make life good again. At the very least, you have to find the cause. And only then look for ways to increase potency, working with other factors. In general, the main thing is an integrated approach.

Smoking and male power

Bad habits are the most common cause of violations in the male part. They affect the female body no less, but not yet. For those who like to enjoy nicotine, the work of the vascular system is disturbed. The veins contract sharply, not letting blood inside. Due to the disturbed blood circulation in the groin area, there are problems with the removal of toxins, and the tissues are insufficiently supplied with oxygen and nutrients.

The great news is that you don’t have to measure your penis pressure to make sure of the above, because someone has already done it for you. Scientists have investigated this issue and concluded that smoking really reduces the pressure in that organ.

More than 400 men took part in the study, who actually measured their blood pressure on their penis. Although, it might even be interesting - if measured by the "authentic method" - with the help of inflatable sleeves and nurses. And it showed

smoking negatively affects potency

Smoking is the worst enemy of good potency. Male strength directly depends on whether you smoke or not. And if you’re a big smoker, then potency problems aren’t far off, and maybe they already are!

Poor potency - causes and symptoms

Symptoms to look out for:

  • decreased interest in sex;
  • indifferent attitude towards caressing;
  • lack of erection in the morning
  • lost erection during sex.

Manifestations are hard to overlook, you will most likely notice them right away. But why it all started is a more complicated question. One reason has already been mentioned - bad habits. Unfortunately, there are others:

  • malnutrition;
  • excess weight;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • diseases of the circulatory system;
  • avitaminosis;
  • prostate disease;
  • thyroid disease and hormonal imbalance;
  • complexes, restraints, blocks in the head, fear of failure;
  • circumstances at a particular time.

The list of side effects includes not only damage to the vascular system and reduced potency, but also many, many others. Bad habits damage health in general, and you never know at what point the problems will spread to the reproductive system.

Here's what is certain: alcohol and nicotine make sperm less mobile (and purposeful), in advanced cases it leads to infertility. The condition of the prostate is getting worse, inflammation can occur.

It is probably not necessary to explain what the prostate has to do with sexual life. In short - it determines whether you will have sex or not.

If earlier the body could repel the attacks of enemy microbes, then after regular drinking it will one day give up. As a result, you will get a new disease. And then another, and another, and another. . .

rejection of unhealthy foods to increase potency

Limit your intake of fried foods, fast foods, fizzy drinks and any snacks you can eat right out of the bag. Start with this and notice how much better your body feels.

A few more reasons that are closely related to each other are being overweight and a sedentary lifestyle.

Passive life is a direct path to stagnant processes. This is when body fluids circulate slowly and reluctantly. Long stagnation = sparse filtration. You are literally being poisoned by your own reluctance. Is it worth it?

The last "volumetric" reason is problems in the head - blocks, clamps, complexes. If you have already noticed signs of violation in yourself, then the item most likely applies to you as well. Don't try to deny, be honest with yourself - no one in the square is forcing you to confess. Just think.

Sexual problems are often associated with past negative experiences. Both girls and men. Here’s how we’re deployed: one offensive failure or excess is enough - and you don’t even want to try again. Think about what could have caused the blockage in your head: past relationships, conflicts, a bad meeting five years ago, an awkward situation, or public embarrassment.

Another important point is the moral, mental state at the moment. It seems like a hoax by marketing experts looking for ways to sell another sedative or "dick-diff". However, stress and fatigue affect the body inside and out. Remember what a "nervous tic" is. Have you ever had it, at least in its mildest form? If so, here is a perfect example that proves the connection between mind and body.

a negative emotional state reduces potency

What increases and raises male power

The answer to this question comes directly from the previous paragraph: to improve potency, you need to find what has worsened and eliminate this cause. Along the way, it is desirable to "pull" the state of all other parameters that may have an impact.

First of all, find out when the problem started to worry you. One is that the condition was normal or stable six months ago and then deteriorated sharply. The second is if you have never noticed the desire for hot and burning passions, and now you have finally decided to try to develop it.

Listen to yourself to determine if your libido is reduced or deviated? Whatever you want to change, change it. Whatever you want to leave alone, leave. No one decides what is best for you. Except for myself.


The first rule: the body takes resources only from the food you put inside. More "building materials" to take anywhere. And, therefore, the responsibility for well-being lies solely with the owner of the body.

It would be nice to normalize the diet in general, but now about something else. How to improve potency in men with proper nutrition. Start with her.

Fats are very insidious components of food and the body. The correct male diet is 30% fat. Nothing more, nothing less, that’s exactly the secret. Male hormones bind to fat. This is another interesting fact that says a lot about the purpose of men.

healthy fats for potency

Other important elements:

  • phosphorus - directly affects the sexual character. When you decide to change your diet, start with a phosphorus balance in your diet. It is found in cereals, cheese, oysters, peanut butter;
  • zinc - it is recommended to take 15 mg daily as a supplement to the main diet. It participates in the regulation of testosterone in the body, the deficiency is manifested by the deterioration of sperm quality and insufficient amount of prostate secretion. The older you are, the less zinc is naturally absorbed from food, so it is advisable to take a supplement, even if a diet is specifically chosen. Zinc is rich in animal products: red meat, chicken and beef liver, offal, eggs, fish, squid, shrimp;
  • Vitamin E - helps blood cells carry oxygen. Maintaining its normal level is important for every person. Vitamin E also affects the anterior pituitary gland - the part of the brain that controls the work of the genital organs. To compensate for the lack of this vitamin, it is necessary to rely on soybean oil, almonds, margarine, cereals and legumes, nuts, peanuts, butter;
  • Vitamin D is known to be synthesized by the body. Vitamin D enters the body together with the sun's rays, which is why it is very important to stay in the fresh air regularly. Well, also because everyone loves tan guys. To increase vitamin D levels, add herring, tuna, trout, caviar, eggs, milk and dairy products to your diet.


Means to strengthen male power, perhaps in second place are the charts of the funniest commercials. At first, of course, online casinos, you will certainly not be able to compete with them.

Trade names hide a wide range of products with different principles of operation. The most popular drugs stimulate enzyme production. They differ in the duration of action due to the fact that they contain different active substances. This type includes well-known potency drugs. Reviews of men are ambiguous, often with pronounced side effects, but the "main" effect is usually satisfied.

Long-term testosterone therapy also applies to drug methods, although it does not work immediately. They take the hormone after testing, unless, of course, the level is lowered. If you are looking for how to increase potency quickly, the option will not help you, because the result is manifested by the accumulation of testosterone in the body. But the effect is much better and longer.

There are also more exotic ways to increase the potency of tablets:

  • some antidepressants have an erection on the list of side effects;
  • antispasmodics relax blood vessels and release blood, but the drug should be applied topically - by injection directly into the penis;
  • there are special fats for the effect on potassium channels, which are also involved in the process.

Medicinal methods of treatment can only be prescribed by a doctor! The only completely safe way to strengthen male strength is to train the pubococcygeal muscle. This method has no contraindications and is shown to everyone without exception.

Dietary supplements, which consist of animal or herbal substances that indirectly affect libido, have wide application. Many consumers do not even know they are taking a drug that has not passed clinical trials - they try not to advertise too much.

Accept or not - only you decide. Recipes, extracts, tinctures and concentrates of oriental medicine sometimes show great results. The main thing is to be selective.

Folk remedies

How exactly to increase and what to do

If all of the above has led to a dead end and is completely confused - we will now understand that. We summarize how to change the diet, what supplements to drink, what exactly to do. In general, increase potency step by step. Short cheats will help improve sexual potential, they are easy to remember.

Improvement methods

Modern man does not want and cannot afford the time to roll jars, make complex inventions, look for the right plant in the field.

Among the tips on how to increase potency are simple and quite feasible. They are, by a strange coincidence, the most efficient. Below you will find recommendations for action that can be taken here and now.

Improving the potency of folk remedies

In any case, there are a dozen methods of traditional medicine that have been "treated even in Russia! ". Sexual abuse is no exception. Men are lucky: there are very pleasant, tasty recipes in this category. Remember that even here there are contraindications. Before using new methods, learn as much as you can about them and read reviews.

Help products:

  • pumpkin seeds - can be eaten in any form. If possible - a little every day;
  • honey and bee products are known for their ability to increase masculinity. If you add walnuts, the effect will be even cooler and will turn out tastier;
  • By the way, about nuts - they are especially useful for men, almost any and in any form. Peanuts, cashews, almonds, pistachios - 30 grams of varieties every day;
  • if you are looking for ways to quickly increase potency at home - add spice. To increase libido, both men and girls are advised to eat spicy, delicious foods. Suitable saffron, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, cardamom.

Sometimes strange things are advised to increase male strength. For example, baths of bay leaf or garlic - as many as 3 cloves a day. Even if this solves the erection problem, a new one will appear - with all the people around. There are few girls who suffer from specific odors.

Herbs for potency

If you like to drink tea, add ginseng root or thyme. You can buy ready-made mixes in teahouses, they are nothing worse than hand-picked "cocktails". It is especially often advised to drink nettle tincture or eat its seeds mixed with red wine. Sounds exotic, doesn't it? If alcohol is not suitable, and nettle seeds are already in front of you, you can mash a banana and mix everything into a "porridge".

And here are the herbs for potency and recipes for tinctures on them:

  • sage: 1 tablespoon, 300 ml of boiling water, 30 minutes. Drink 1 glass a day;
  • hawthorn: 3 tablespoons, 500 ml of boiling water, 40 minutes. Drink 300 ml daily before meals - 100 ml per dose;
  • dried lilac flowers: 1 tablespoon, 1 cup boiling water, 30 minutes. Drink 1 glass a day.
useful potency tea

How soda affects

Sodium bicarbonate, or simply baking soda, is perhaps the most prized medicine for those who love "kitchen medicine". It is treated with absolutely any wound: it is taken orally, added to baths, a gargle solution is made, and even injections.

Soda alone will not help increase potency. But it is not in vain that magical properties are attributed to it - if you take soda regularly, the general condition of the body really improves. Microbes are dying out, the inflammation is fading, it will also affect the genital area.

If you’ve read somewhere that topical application of soda will help - don’t believe it. The magical properties of sodium bicarbonate are often overestimated, but the potential for dryness and irritation is hard to overestimate.

Start the day with a glass of water with the addition of a small amount of soda - on top of a teaspoon. Stir until completely dissolved, otherwise the "hissing reaction" will continue in the stomach, heartburn and unpleasant belching will occur.

What does ginger do?

Ginger has already been mentioned as a way to increase potency in men, but it deserves a special story. The composition includes a lot of interesting things - amino acids, vitamins, acids. Gingerol has a special role - an element that dilates blood vessels. What's more, it happens pretty quickly: if you eat some ginger for dinner, the night will be more interesting.

You can make tinctures or decoctions, buy dried, crushed or fresh root. Ginger goes well with hot tea, it is especially pleasant to drink in winter.

ginger root to increase potency

Exercises to improve male strength

Even if the difficulties do not bother you yet, special potency exercises must be done. They train the pubic-coccygeal muscle, on which men's health directly depends. From the name it is not difficult to guess where this muscle is located.

Step 1. To find and feel the LMB, you need to stop the jet while urinating - it will immediately strain, it will not be possible to mix it. Once you find a muscle, it becomes clear how to work with it. At each urination, try to stop two or three times for a few seconds.

Step 2. Once you have mastered the previous technique, start practicing it without urinating, just straining and relaxing the LMB anywhere at any time.

Step 3. The main doctoral exercise for men is the slow and smooth tension of the pubococcygeus muscles. It should take a few seconds, in any case do not do it too fast. When you master this technique, increase the weight of the exercise.

Step 4. The next stage of complexity is as follows: lightly tense the muscle and pause in one position for a few seconds. Then increase the voltage again and stop. Repeat 5-6 times, or more if you can. The main thing is to climb this ladder without weakening the muscle. I mean, just worse.

If everything is done properly, at some point you will find that there is nowhere to increase the voltage. Then start descending using the same technology until you are completely relaxed.

Exercise will take you a few minutes a day, and the result will surprise you. Yes, it will not be noticed immediately, as with any other workout. But the result is high quality, and the process is painless.

The undisputed leader in the prevention of male diseases is prostate massage. Most likely, you are not thrilled with this idea either (why, by the way, if you haven't tried it? ), But you can't argue with the facts, the effectiveness of the method has been proven. In fact, modern devices allow you to massage the prostate not only painlessly, but also very pleasantly, because a man gets a strong orgasm with this process and, which is very important, alone. If you ever need to know how to cure prostatitis at home, remember that therapy begins with massage. As with other diseases in this area. It is better to prevent than to eliminate the consequences, but you still have to massage. Then we offer you self-massage techniques that you can try tonight. But if you are not ready for a massage, then contact your friend, let her watch various video tutorials on prostate massage, so that this process becomes a pleasant love game for both of them.

Circular motion technique

The first option is to use a device with a rotation function, it is important that the massager is anatomically shaped. Rotation is a circular motion that is directed throughout the prostate area. This is the most comfortable method, since the effect is only on the gland, everything else is left alone. The main advantage of this device is that it has a remote control that will relieve you of an awkward position. Just put the massager on the anal lubricant and it will do everything for you.

"Come here" technique

You can stop at a simpler device and buy a static model with vibration. The advantages are the same: comfortable shape and intense stimulation. But in this case, the device will move as a whole, that is, vibrate. It gives a very pleasant feeling, because it affects the entire area of the rectum and anus, which, as you know, has more than 72, 000 nerve endings. First you need to prepare: a good, quality lubricant - not Vaseline or, moreover, greasy cream. Then take a comfortable position, you may need to be flexible. The technique is best performed lying on your back. The attitude should be as comfortable as possible. You insert the device slowly in a circular motion, then do the "Come here" technique, ie move the massager towards you, as if calling someone with your finger, inviting them to come to you, at this moment you need to bend your legs at the knees.

Jackhammer Technique

Another cool stimulator from a German manufacturer, all toys from this factory are made in Germany, go through 8 stages of control and have a 2 year unlimited warranty. After lubrication, you can gradually introduce the toy to a depth of about 4-5 cm (in all men, the location of the prostate may vary slightly). To the touch, the desired point is a little rough, it is not particularly difficult to find. The massage itself is a gentle stimulation. The main thing is not to allow painful sensations, they should not be. You also lie on your back and perform the technique - a quick push up with a small amplitude, maximally involving the gland. The massager really looks like a construction hammer.

Do not be surprised if you experience the strongest orgasm without even touching the penis, because the prostate is the second erogenous zone in men, which is responsible for pleasure. Otherwise, a massage of this zone will allow you not only to avoid diseases, but also to prolong your masculine power for many, many years. Connect your wife with this process, it will diversify your relationship and help awaken passion.

Problems with sex sooner or later start with every man, it is simply impossible to avoid them. But you can delay this moment until old age or prevent the acute phase, even if the first "bells" have already begun. In short, the odds are good. How realistic they are depends on you.

You have received an action guide and detailed step-by-step instructions - it remains to solve this information. Special exercises, regular prostate massage, normal diet and healthy herbs are a simple and extremely effective set of measures for maintaining male strength. It takes 21 days to form a habit - try to endure and not score a goal during that time. The next one will be much easier!