Sexual disorders in men. How to keep potency under control

potency problems in men in bed

Male sexual responses are influenced by a number of factors. There are disorders of sexual desire (libido), penile tension (erection), ejaculation (ejaculation) and orgasm. Most often, with sexual dysfunctions, potency and ejaculation suffer.

Mechanical mechanism

Before describing the pathological changes that lead to erectile dysfunction, consider the normal course of this process. Sexual arousal leads to the fact that nerve endings located in the tissues of the male genital organs send signals to the central nervous system. In response to these signals, nitric oxide begins to form.

The flow of arterial blood to the penis is increased due to the active dilation of the arteries under the action of an enzyme that acts on the muscular layer of the vascular wall. At the same time, the veins through which blood flows from the external genitalia at rest are compressed.

The combination of these two processes leads to the filling of the corpora cavernosa with blood, an increase in the volume of the penis and the maintenance of a certain time in an upright position. Violation of any of the mechanisms leads to the development of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction is a problem you should not be ashamed of

Erectile dysfunction refers to the permanent inability to achieve and maintain an erection during intercourse. Impotence is one of the major sexual problems of men of all countries and ages, which has a significant impact on self-esteem and psychological well-being.

According to various studies, problems with potency in one way or another have been found in 150 million men worldwide. At the same time, only about 10% of patients seek medical help. There are several reasons for this:

  • Feeling ashamed at the thought of having to talk about your potency. Many people find this topic uncomfortable and try to avoid it in all possible ways.
  • Lack of information. Not all patients knew that the problems related to this pathology were the responsibility of a urologist-andrologist.

Most men with sexual dysfunction manage to be helped. Therefore, patients must be prepared for a comprehensive examination and comprehensive treatment.

Organic causes of erectile dysfunction

A sign of organic impotence is the complete absence or partial violation of an erection in response to sexual stimulation. Morning erection with such diseases is also missing.

Hormonal disorders.The theory that the pathology suddenly became "younger" testifies to the theory of hormonal causes of the development of impotence. Decreased testosterone levels occur in men with age and under normal conditions. Further reductions in male sex hormone levels can be caused by taking high blood pressure medications and sedatives.

Infections. . . A link between prostatitis and potency problems has been proven. Infectious factors lead to the development of acute and then chronic inflammation of the prostate.

Diseases of the cardiovascular system. . . Almost 60% of cases of impotence in men are caused by these diseases. It is no coincidence that almost all known drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction affect the condition of blood vessels in the pelvis.

Blood flow to the cavernous body can be disrupted due to atherosclerotic plaques, the presence of which makes the walls of the arteries inelastic.

Physical damage to the organs and tissues of the external genitalia of a man.There will also be no erections with damaged blood vessels and nerve fibers. The consequences of pelvic surgery can disrupt the natural flow of sexual arousal.

Congenital malformations of the penis- underdevelopment, curvature of the penis, the presence of auxiliary veins.

Functional erectile dysfunction

Their recognizable characteristic is instability. In this case, an erection can happen, not necessarily. It all depends on external reasons and the psychological state of man. Arousal can disappear suddenly, at the most important moment, even if it was normal in the phase of sexual intercourse. A huge number of patients with impotence (according to various sources, it is from 50 to 80%) have functional disorders.

Psychogenic erectile dysfunctionthey can be caused by various psychological reasons. Nervous tension can cause violations, including the presence of anxious anticipation of sexual failure syndrome.

Men who are prone to increased anxiety and suspicion are prone to developing this disorder. In such people, planning and preparing for a relationship can cause fear and dread of "shame" instead of excitement. Attempts to control erections only make the situation worse.

Increased tone of the sympathetic nervous system.Usually, during an erection, the walls of the vessels should relax. Increased tone prevents the filling of the vascular structures of the penis with blood, which can lead to complete absence or insufficient erection.

Sometimes the cause of sexual dysfunction can be mixed and result from several types of disorders, for example, a combination of psychogenic and organic factors. Only a doctor can understand this question.

Self-treatment of impotence with pills leads to "death in the saddle"

Tablets for the treatment of impotence with the active ingredient sildenafil can be bought without a prescription. Such drugs are placed in the first places in the window and are actively advertised.

Initially, PDE-5 preparations were created to treat diseases of the cardiovascular system. The ability of the drug to improve the performance of the "second engine" was noticed by patients in the phase of clinical trials of the drug. The low effect of the drug in the treatment of cardiovascular pathology is compensated by the fact that a single dose significantly increased blood flow to the penis.

Uncontrolled use of potency-stimulating drugs is not safe. Doctors have even coined the term "death in the saddle" to denote cases of complications from drugs of this group. The cause of such deaths is the uncontrolled intake of potency-stimulating pills.

In the case of a violation of the cardiovascular system, additional intense physical and psycho-emotional stress can be harmful. If you look at the statistics on heart attacks, you can find an interesting pattern - the average age of onset of acute coronary insufficiency coincides with the onset of potency problems. Myocardial infarction is the most common cause of death in patients with diseases of the cardiovascular system, who take uncontrolled drugs to increase potency.

The combined use of drugs to increase potency and nitrates, prescribed to patients with angina pectoris, leads to excessive production of nitric oxide and the appearance of an erection that lasts up to 6 hours. This situation may require urgent medical attention.

The substances tadalafil and vardenafil differ little in mechanism of action from sildenafil. They cause the blood vessels of the penis to dilate, leading to a rapid filling of the corpora cavernosa with blood. This effect is achieved thanks to the selective blocking of the enzyme phosphodiesterase-5 (PDE-5), which normally destroys nitric oxide molecules.

Prolonged blocking of endogenous nitric oxide degradation can be detrimental. The flow of arterial blood into the penis becomes much higher than normal, and the venous outflow does not change. This increases stress on the cardiovascular system and can lead to sudden death.

In order not to "die in the saddle", it is necessary to take drugs to stimulate erection under the supervision of a doctor and taking into account possible contraindications, respecting the recommended doses.

Early or premature ejaculation

As for premature ejaculation, if the duration of intercourse is significantly reduced, orgasm occurs very quickly and a man can never satisfy his partner. This violation may be due to psychological reasons and organic changes in the human body.

There are two types of accelerated ejaculation:

  • Congenital - characterized by increased excitability of the genital centers located in the spinal cord. Manifestations of pathology are recorded from the beginning of sexual activity.
  • Acquired - which leads to inflammatory processes in the pelvic organs of men and other organic causes.

With a quick ejaculation, you can apply techniques and methods that will solve the problem. In each case, it is necessary to choose a method that will be effective.

Method number 1. Condom

The latex layer reduces the sensitivity of the penis during friction, which can significantly prolong the time before the onset of ejaculation. Condoms do not have to be thin. Better yet, buy products coated with a desensitizing gel. The composition for "freezing" must be inside, otherwise it will have no effect on the man, and the partner will be doubly unhappy.

Method number 2. Anesthetic cream or spray

Traditional creams and sprays delay the onset of ejaculation by reducing the sensitivity of the skin of the penis to tactile sensations. However, during intercourse, medications with anesthetics will equally affect the sensitivity of both partners.

To solve this problem, a new class of substances has been developed that are quickly absorbed into the skin of the penis, reducing only male sensitivity and in no way affecting the partner. A man can control the time of onset of ejaculation with less loss of sexual feelings compared to the drugs from the first group.

Method number 3. Pressure on points

By pressing on the area in the middle between the anus and the scrotum. In this area is the prostate (prostate), whose one function is to ensure the onset of orgasm. You can grab the scrotum with your fingers and pull it out from the side and from the body.

To delay ejaculation, you need to squeeze the penis with your thumb and forefinger at the junction of the head with the main part of the penis.

Method number 4. Psychological

You can alleviate the situation by reminding yourself that your partner agrees to sex not only because of prolonged friction. Premature ejaculation does not always mean that a man is sick in bed. Sex is an option for peaceful and pleasurable entertainment for both men and women, not just a way to achieve orgasm. You can enjoy sex regardless of the speed of ejaculation. You can talk about this with your partner. She will stop pressuring the man and he will be able to relax.

Method number 5. Thinking about something that is not sexual

Many people can delay the onset of ejaculation as a way to distract thoughts from sex. During a relationship, you can think about anything (about work, mother-in-law, money, everyday problems). Most importantly, the images are completely non-sexual in nature.

There is no need to distract from the partner. A woman will notice withdrawal and coldness and will misinterpret them. It is enough to switch to non-sexual thoughts in those periods when the approach of orgasm is felt. This is usually 5-10 seconds.

Method number 6. Ejaculation control

The method requires exercise, but allows you to maintain a high level of sexual arousal and at the same time delay ejaculation. The effect of its application is amazing. In some sources, this may be called a "stop and start technique. "

The conclusion is simple: during intercourse, when orgasm approaches, you must stop friction for 30 seconds. During this time, you can continue to caress your partner or maintain contact with her in another way.

Method number 7. Change position when you approach orgasm

The choice of position allows you to use those that reduce the pressure on the most sensitive part of the penis - the glans. So-called "passive" positions include "she's on top" and "next to her".

Method number 8. Medical intervention

Serotonin can significantly affect ejaculation. To increase the level of this hormone, drugs from the group of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors are prescribed. Intracavernous vasodilator therapy involves injecting drugs directly into the penis.

Violation of potency, erection and libido is a difficult problem that is often complicated by intense emotional experiences. In that case, you don't need to panic, arrange "exams" with different partners, force your sex life. To restore sexual function, sometimes it is enough to rest, change the usual stereotype of sexual behavior and adjust your lifestyle.

The following recommendations help reduce the likelihood of developing sexual problems:

  • control of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases;
  • periodic examinations by a urologist, in case of injuries or operations on the external genitalia and small pelvis;
  • healthy lifestyle - weight control, quitting alcohol and smoking;
  • the choice of drugs and their use should be carried out only under medical supervision;
  • regular sex life without sexual excesses and periods of sexual abstinence.

If after rest and removal of all external factors that could negatively affect potency, sexual function has not recovered, you should consult a doctor. You should also seek medical attention in cases where there are symptoms of a disease that can cause sexual dysfunction.